Early Night

It’s two days before a long race – that makes it early to bed night.  My friend Cindy gave me this advice before my first long race.  Chances are you will be too excited the night before a race to get great sleep.  Also, most races start so early that you have no chance at 8 hours.  We have to leave at an ungodly hour on Sunday morning (I actually classify it as Saturday night still!) so tomorrow will be an early night as well.  My mom is doing me the great favor of having the boys sleep over so my schedule is actually mine!  This is what it looked like on my run this morning.  Not very pretty, but quite warm!


The desserts for the boys dinner are complete.  They are happy with them. 

BG 006

BG 003

The flag is also done for this year.

BG 002

Now time for sleep.  Hope you have a great weekend! 

So, I am wondering, what time do you normally go to sleep?


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