Double or Nothing

Today was definitely a double layer day!  Eileen and I were determined to stay on our running schedule, but it sure was cold out!  The coldest weather I have run in.  I usually layer certain items for winter running, but today was the day to double up on everything – even socks!

Run cold

So we headed to the least windy spot we could find and got 4.5 miles in.  When we were done the temperature had risen to 16 degrees.  I sure hope it warms up before Friday!  It was fun though and I felt great the rest of the day.  Well… except for my ankle.  :(  I am not sure if it was the cold or the hills I have added back in, but it is not great tonight.  Keeping my fingers crossed that ice and my brace have it better before Friday!

I shopped for all of my juice produce today.  I am excited to try these recipes!  They sound pretty good actually.  I love carrot ginger.  Mmm.  And roasted beets are one of my favorites.  I have to admit that I never buy beets though.  The red stain keeps me away.  They do look a bit intimidating, don’t they?

fun with the boys 009

I am hoping the boys will like the recipes too.  They were excited that naval oranges are in the stores again.  They are giant and so sweet!  Such a great winter treat!

fun with the boys 012

We have a new ping pong player in the house lately.  Every time Ken, our big white cat, hears the ball he comes running and gets in on the action.  It’s great – as long as he is helping your side!

fun with the boys 001

fun with the boys 003 - Copy.JPG

I’m sure you can tell he didn’t give me permission to take this picture!

So, I am wondering, what is the coldest and hottest weather you have run in?



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