Dog Day

Today the boys and I had to go to Petsmart.  We have had to go for a while now, but finally made it there today.  There are some things you can really only get there.  While we were walking in Aidan pointed out that the name has two meanings – something I had never noticed before.  It is written PET’SMART.  Pet’s Mart and Pet Smart.  Kids are pretty smart sometimes.  Of course we had to check out all the pets.  They have adorable kittens there now that we managed to tear ourselves away from.  After all, that is how we ended up with Ken and Belle.  We watched a pair of gerbils for way longer than we should have.  They were really cute.  They both wanted to run on the wheel at the same time – it was like a comedy routine.  Here they are.


Gerbils video.

It is tough to leave there with only the items on your list.  They have so many fun things!  Look at this dog shirt!  Fezzy would be wearing this tomorrow if they had it in his size.  Of course I would have to carry him at least half of the time!

Fezzy running shirt

The boys chose this one for him instead.  They insisted the yellow does not make it look like a girl’s shirt.  Now he has something to wear to baseball games.  LOL.

Fezzy baseball

We had to get him and the cats a little present too.  The cats toys are not that exciting, but they have all kinds of seasonal items for dogs.  We got Fezzy Peeps!  Just his size and they squeak!


I know I have mentioned before (and we all just know) spring and summer are eventually coming and we are all watching what we eat.  I am trying to drink extra water and less coffee too.  Here is my new best friend.  I finally found a water bottle that doesn’t leak!  Yay. 

water bottle

So, I am wondering, do you spoil your pets?

I am also wondering, how much water do you drink every day?



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