Dodgeball and High Knees

Tonight our local PTA had a parent / teacher dodge ball tournament!  I wasn’t so sure this was a great idea when I first heard about it, but it was a huge success!  So many groups formed teams and it seemed like everyone in town who was not on a team came to watch.  A group of my running girls formed a team called the Ball-Erinas.  They did great!  Brave girls.

dodgeball 004

dodgeball 002

The boys were so excited to watch the gown ups throw balls at each others – especially their teachers.  :)  They thought it was great that so many of their friends were there too. 

dodgeball 007

Here are my girls in action.

dodgeball 012 dodgeball 013

There was an all girl division, all guy division and a coed division.  Sandy – these are for you.

dodgeball 005 dodgeball 009

Hopefully they will have it again next year.  I heard a lot of people talking about forming a team…

Jen and I decided to run in the snow this morning.  It’s tough to keep up with a training schedule with the weather we are having!  We strapped on our trax, but still were not ready for what we got ourselves into! 


The trail had a couple inches of powder on the better spots and icy footprints on the worse spots.  I have never run with my knees that high!  It was a great workout and as usual we had fun chatting.  No one got hurt (ankles beware!) and we managed to get 5 miles in.  And guess what?  I felt so much better after I ran!  It’s magic! 


And so pretty!


So, I am wondering, would you play in a dodge ball tournament?



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