Do You Do This?

Have you ever thought about the silly things you do regularly that you might be embarrassed if anyone else knew about?  I thought about this today when I went to look for my clear nail polish to go over the perfect fuchsia polish I just got.  I found this:


It’s true (obviously) – I buy the same color nail polish over and over again.  Does anyone else do this?  So I started to think about the other things I do that might not be quite so normal.  I let my cat drink from the bathroom sink.  She is completely obsessed with doing this, by the way.  I have no idea why.


My email is embarrassingly full.  My boys and my friends are always pointing this out to me – either because I have not responded to them or because they caught a glimpse of the current number on my phone.  But really, who has time for this?  3,381 messages?  That would take forever!


I carry my dog on walks.  He is only 5 pounds!  His legs are tiny!  But, truthfully I have not seen anyone else doing this.  We did not meet our Fezziwig until about a month after we committed to adopting him.  During that time I daydreamed about my little “running partner.”  He really can’t walk more than a half of a mile though.  Chihuahua owners – is this normal???


I am late too often.  I know, you guys already know this.  I pretty much always think I can do more than what is actually possible most of the time.


Runners have a ton of embarrassing habits too, so just add those to my list.  Here is just one.  I hold my gum in my hand while I eat an energy gel and then chew it for the rest of my run.  Gross?  Not if you are a runner.

So, I am wondering, do you do any of these things?  Do you have other crazy habits?



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