Did You Know This?

I have taken all of the Facebook quizzes and they seem to agree that my “real” age is younger than I actually am. This bit of information surely dates me though!  And as I type this I am struggling to follow the new (ish) rule. But here it is. Get ready to be shocked. Maybe. You are only supposed to use one space after a period! Or any ending punctuation. Did you know this? Why didn’t anyone tell me (other than Apple who automatically did this for me)? I just did it again.

two spaces

This one is going to be hard. There is still some debate, but most publishing authorities agree that one space should be used. The Chicago Manual of Style says, ” in our efficient, modern world, I think there is no room for two spaces after a period.”  The MLA Handbook agrees, “Because it is increasingly common for papers and manuscripts to be prepared with a single space after all punctuation marks, this spacing is shown in the examples in the MLA Handbook and the MLA Style Manual.”  You get the point. Here is an article that will elaborate on why we are only using one space and make you feel old all at the same time.



At least my favorite coffee is back to help me get used to this craziness.

2014-09-09 23.24.38

The girls and I have decided to do a Halloween virtual race while we are training for our fall races.  I am pretty excited for this cool medal.

halloween medal

Plus, we will have fun doing it. It was finally cooler outside today.


I have traded my iPhone in.  A tough decision, for sure. My old phone was done though. It gave up. Too many pictures have been taken with that phone!  I went with a Galaxy this time around, mostly for the camera (16mp vs. 8mp iPhone). I am learning Android now.  What phone do you use?  Have you switched from Apple to Android?


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