Today I started the never ending project of making chocolate desserts for the boys’ dens at the Cub Scout Blue and Gold dinner.  Why does it always seem like just a quick little project?  “Oh, I’ll just make chocolate covered stars and chocolate covered candy bar taxis.”  Hours (and often days!) later I finally finish them.  I guess that is the beauty of chocolate though.  Unlike baking, you can start and stop production to fit your schedule.  For Aidan’s den, I am making chocolate covered candy bar taxis!  Wow, these are really a lot of chocolate! 

choc taxis

Each den is representing a state and obviously Aidan’s den (12) has New York.  Not so obviously, (from my dessert, anyway) Dane’s den has Texas.  Since I am a leader for Dane’s den I try to put extra effort in for Aidan’s den when I can.  This time, Aidan’s dessert was my main focus.  For Texas, I decided to go with the yellow chocolate and make chocolate covered stars.  Get it, the Lone Star State?  Like I said, not so obvious.

ken 011

Ken, our 22 pound cat, wanted to help me today.  He loves jumping on top of the kitchen cabinets to have a better view of “his” house and “his” people. 

ken 001

Have I ever shown you Ken’s smiley face? 

ken 005

So, I am wondering, what is your favorite dessert to make for a large group of people?


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