Crazy Week

This week is especially crazy for us with activities and it is flying by!  The boys and I had to color our Easter eggs tonight because it is literally the only time we have before Easter!  We still love doing this together even though the boys are getting older.  I remember coming home from college and looking forward to coloring eggs with my family.  I hope the boys feel the same way!

easter eggs 015 easter eggs 016

Thank goodness the vinegar mysteriously appeared in the back of the pantry – for a while there I thought this project was not going to happen tonight.  The eggs turned out festive and happy and will make us smile for while.

Boys eggs

A couple of other things that are making me smile in this crazy time are:

easter eggs 004

Muddy boys after practice (especially when I get to practice with them!),


A lightweight, colorful carry-on bag for the plane,

mile post

Inspirational quotes, and


6 miles on the trail with a great friend on a beautiful sunny day.  Will we make it through practices, games, camping and trips?  I know we will have fun trying!

So, I am wondering, is summer break almost here?


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