It’s that time again.  Time for homework and tests (the first set tomorrow!).  Soccer and Cub Scouts.  Fall races and birthday parties.  Maybe, like the kids, we parents just need time to acclimate.  But after a few years of this crazy fall schedule I am pretty convinced it is actually busier now than it is at other times of year.  One thing is for sure, the freedom of summer has passed for now.


Today is a prime example of the pace of life right now.  Wake up early, get the kids off to school.  Work on planning Cub Scout meetings and details for our upcoming camping trip.  Head out for a run (5k this weekend!).  Sneak some cleaning and laundry in when I get home (which reminds me…some of it is still in the dryer).  Coordinate the printing of the shirt for my running club’s upcoming 5K.  (Sign up here :  Pick up the kids from school.  Help with homework and studying for tomorrow’s tests.  Eat dinner at 4:30 (yes, we are back to that!) so we can get to practice on time.  Take the kids to Nana’s and Popop’s house who will take them to practice while I go to back to school night.  Home again, time for showers and bed and other things to get ready to do it all again tomorrow.

So in between getting ready for races, helping with homework, and going to back to school night, I remind myself WHY I am participating in all of this craziness.  It is for my boys, of course.  And they are worth it.  As my mom sometimes reminds me, I will miss these days when they are over.


So, I am wondering, is fall the busiest time for your family?  What is your family involved in now?


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