Yesterday something crazy happened.  To fully appreciate it, however, you need a little history.  I coach Dane’s soccer team – the Red Dragons.  I played soccer back in the day and when the opportunity arose, it made sense.

soccer m& D

This is my second season coaching Dane’s team and I coach with my father (Popop, now sometimes known as Coach Carl).  He is actually the one who secured our first spot as coaches.

soccer P & D

We have a lot of fun with the kids and we have had great seasons so far.  Last season we only lost one game and this season we are undefeated with 3 games to go.  The kids are great and it is something special we get to do with Dane.

soccer team.JPG

I am also one of the leaders for Dane’s Cub Scout group.  (I will leave out the embarrassing pictures of me in that uniform!)  The opportunities just worked out that way.  I had knowledge of the program from doing it previously with Aidan.

Recently Aidan has been mentioning to me that it really is not fair that I lead these activities for Dane and not for him.  He has a point.  I am the oldest of my siblings so I know what it is like to “break your parents in” so to speak (no laughing mom!).  So I was trying to figure out what I could lead for Aidan, even if I did not have a ton of prior experience.

Guess what email I received last night?  The basketball league the boys are signed up with for the winter is looking for coaches for the 3rd and 4th grade combined teams – Aidan’s level.  If this was not a sign, I don’t know what would be!  I was never a basketball player, but I will be learning now!

basketball-clip-board-for-coachingSo I asked my dad if he wants to try a new sport with me.  He said yes, so we are looking forward to a new exciting adventure with Aidan.  Who knows, we might just be good at it!  Either way, we will have fun.

Me & A

On another note, we had a visitor at our house last night.

D toothDane lost a tooth in school.  : )  His Tooth Fairy’s name is Daisy and she always leaves him a note and a special coin or sometimes a two dollar bill.  This is what she left him last night (not the loot bag.  That is where he keeps his Tooth Fairy treasures).

tooth lootWe have not had a tooth fairy visit in a while!  I think Aidan is due for a visit from his tooth fairy soon too.

So, I am wondering, do you like your kids’ coaches?  What do you think makes a “good coach”?


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