Christmas Caroling – Take 2

Tonight the boys and I went Christmas caroling door to door in our neighborhood with the Scouts.  It was in the low 60’s, which is quite warm for us in December!  We had a great group of people with us and we all had a great time.

caroling 009

In order to have the best caroling night possible, I notify the residents ahead of time that we are coming.  So many of our neighbors love having us come.  I know the boys saw tonight how happy they made people.  There were little kids in pajamas at a couple of houses who were amazed that we were putting on a show for them right at their front door!  We made sure to sing “Frosty the Snowman” and “Rudolph” at their houses.  Other neighbors invited us in for cookies and drinks, which is no small feat considering how many of us were there!

caroling 006

At another house we were invited to sit by the fire and sing, and asked to stay longer.  The boys were all so good!

caroling 008

We sang to teachers and friends from school.  There are always houses that have company over, which is a lot of fun.  One house was having a birthday celebration so we added “Happy Birthday” to our list of songs for them.  It was a great night of giving something back to our community.  I am so proud of all of the boys!  They were great.

caroling 007

It was a great day overall for my boys.  They got to play with their cousin before caroling, which they love.  Also, they received a message from Sammy this morning.  He wrote it in cat food, so Aidan assumed he must be hungry.  He left him cheese and crackers – just in case.

sammy cat food collage

So, I am wondering, will I actually finish wrapping presents before Christmas???  Will you?


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