Christmas Caroling – Take 1

Tonight was our first Christmas caroling event of the season with the Cub Scouts.  Every year the week before Christmas we gather at an assisted living facility near us and sing carols with and to the residents.  We bring homemade cards and goodies for the residents and they give the boys candy canes.  It is a fun evening.  We laugh at how badly most of us sing and the boys steal each other’s santa hats.  Everyone gets to share a happy moment – the kids, the parents and the residents.  I am so glad we have this tradition.

caroling emeritus1

caroling emeritus2

Last year we started another caroling tradition with the Scouts –  Christmas caroling door to door in our neighborhood.  When I was young my family caroled door to door with our church and it was such a special time.  I was so happy last year when the Cub Scouts were interested in continuing this tradition with us!  Last year it was soo cold on the night we went!  I mean freezing cold.  But we knocked on our neighbors doors and wished them a Merry Christmas and it was as special as I remembered.  Our neighbors were excited to be part of this nostalgic tradition.  We were invited into some houses to have cookies and other snacks.  Basically, it was everything good about the holidays – laughing with friends, giving to others, and making someone else happy.  We met up afterwards at our community center for hot chocolate and more dessert.

This year the weather is supposed to be great for our caroling night.  About 30 degrees warmer than last year!  We definitely earned that!  As with any event you organize, I want everything to go well.  We set the bar high last year!  Wish us luck.  I will tell you how it all goes.

A friend of mine was able to attend Dane’s Christmas party and sent me this picture.  I am very lucky to have great friends!  (Thanks Jeimy!)

Danes party

Sammy was kind enough to bring us reindeer food on a recent visit.  The boys used to make it in school every year.  Getting old is tough!

sammy reindeer

I am proud to say I got 4 good miles in today.  I am operating at a decent sleep deficit right now, so getting out the door in the morning is not as easy as it should be.

Tomorrow is another exciting day.  We get to attend Dane’s Holidays Around the World school show.  He has worked very hard – I can’t wait to see him in it!  Aidan is excited for tomorrow too.  The teachers at his school put on a holiday parody show each year before Christmas.  Last year I had the nerve to schedule an eye appointment during the show!  (In my defense, the school does not tell you when the show is scheduled because it is only for students.)  He has waited an entire year to see this show.  We better not get a surprise snow storm or another round of the stomach bug!

So, I am wondering, would you want Christmas carolers to come to your house?


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