Christmas at Rockefeller Center

The boys and I went into the city yesterday to see the sights and watch the Christmas Spectacular.  We love the city at Christmastime and it is a bit of a tradition for us.  We often meet my sister and her family, which makes it an even more special day.  Actually, this tradition was started by my parents when my sister, brothers and I were young.

me and boys.1

boys lights3

We usually choose one main area when we visit the city and this trip was no exception.  We stayed mostly around Rockefeller Center.  The tree is magnificent, as usual.  This year it is 76 foot Norway Spruce tree from the town of Shelton in Connecticut.  It has a 9 1/2 foot wide Swarovski star on top of it.


Although the boys have skated at the ice rink in past years, we decided not to this year.  It is fun to watch though!

boys ice rink1

I love the whole area at Christmas.  The lights are so beautiful.

lights trees

channel garden

Of course the boys could not pass up an opportunity to visit the Lego store.

boys lego santa

We wandered as far as Broadway for lunch at Heartland Brewery.






And we wandered to Fifth Avenue in the other direction to see St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the store windows.  Unfortunately, St. Patrick’s is covered in scaffolding right now.  Saks did not disappoint us with their window display this year.  While I love the train and city scenes of the past, the kids preferred the Yeti story we found this year.  You can learn more about the history of the Saks Yeti here:  In the window display, a young Yeti is undervalued by his employer and decides to quit his job.  He leaves his family to get an education, becomes very smart, and learns how to make snow flakes.  He then returns to Manhattan to become the premier snowflake maker.  The moral of the story is not to give up, but believe you can accomplish great things.





boys yeti

As an aside, the kids all loved the Manhattan mailboxes this year.

boys spongebob

spongebob mailbox

I will have to tell you about the show in another post.

So, I am wondering, why are the mailboxes in Manhattan painted to look like SpongeBob?


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