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Lobster Bisque and Fudge

Lobster Bisque and Fudge.  It’s safe to say it was not a low cal night!

Chowda Sign

Boys fudge sign

This is a favorite tradition on the island that the boys and I try to do a couple of times each summer.  Chowda makes the best lobster bisque you will ever taste, and, luckily for me, my boys agree.

Lobster Bisque

Many of the shops and restaurants on the island close after Labor Day, so we had to get one last bread bowl in!  Yummy.  Then the boys each chose a fudge flavor for dessert from Country Kettle.  Chocolate and creamsicle tonight.

Fudge Box Fudge

They were making fudge while we were there so we got to watch that for a bit.  : )  Do you see it in the background?

Making Fudge

Then we walked over to the playground on the bay to watch the sunset.  It was a little cloudy, but there was still a sunset.

Boys Sunset Bay

Boys rolly playground

It was a special night with my boys.  We completed one of our summer traditions, and I know we will remember these times for years to come.

LIG sign

So, I am wondering, what is your favorite flavor of fudge?

I am also wondering, what food says “summer” to you?

Test Your Limits

Easier said than done, right?  Stepping outside of your comfort zone is, well… uncomfortable.  But it can also be very rewarding.  This works best for me when I don’t overthink my new goal.  For example, I ran my first half marathon at the last minute.  I am not generally a last minute person.  In fact, I had planned to run a half six months later.  I had a training program set up and was very excited to reach my goal.  But life (especially with kids) does not always go as planned.  The 10k I signed up for was supposed to be the same Sunday as the half marathon.  Due to an overwhelming response, however, the race directors decided to move the 10k to Saturday – opening day of Little League baseball in our town.  This was not going to work for me.  A good runner friend of mine that I was regularly running 7 miles with encouraged me to switch to the half marathon.  I realized that it was actually possible for me to do this!  So, with two weeks until the race I began to increase my mileage.  I didn’t think too much about it – I was afraid I would chicken out!  But I tested my limits by believing in myself and I did it.  It is still my favorite race.  Here I am (in blue) with some of the amazing girls in my running club.  My boys made me gear to give me luck along the way.


Today I tested my limits in an entirely different way.  My trees needed some serious work.  I had dead trees, overgrown trees, and one providing residence to tent worms!  So, with the help of my dad and his chain saw, we took care of all of them.  I manned the pruning shears while he worked the chain saw.  And guess what?  It sure felt good to have accomplished that task when we were done.

tree Me  Branch pile

Sometimes it’s the little rewards that are the best.  Like flowers from my boys on my morning run.


So, I am wondering, have you tested your limits recently?  What have you accomplished that you thought you could not do?

The End Is The Beginning

This is always true, I think.  The reverse can also be true – The Beginning Is The End.  In this case, it is the last official weekend of summer.  The boys and I started our weekend with our playground/running time and then went to the beach with friends.  This is the epitome of summer for us.  We live 10 miles from an 18 mile island with beautiful beaches everywhere you look.

SB beach entrance

Gull LBI

We start each summer the same way we are ending it –  a trip to the beach with our friends.  Our kids play in the surf and sand while we soak up the sun and catch up with each other.  It is a part of our summer lives.  We know exactly how these days will go and the kids and adults alike look forward to them.  Each one is distinguished by subtle differences – what time is high tide, is there a sandbar, did our favorite ice cream truck come to our street, are there sand crabs or jellyfish or sand dollars to collect.  My favorite distinction of course, is whether I have found sea glass (and how much!).  Collecting sea glass is an obsession of mine that started when I was a young girl with my Nana.  I have quite a collection now.  I digress…


So today, sadly, is part of an ending.  We had a great time though.


And although it is the end of the summer, it is the beginning of the next phase for us.  Schedules and kid-free time for long runs.  Coaching, kids sports, and fall races.  Pumpkin picking, hayrides and homework.  We will miss these carefree days, I am sure.  But there are plenty of fun times ahead.



So, I am wondering, what is your favorite summer pastime?

Great Day For A Run

The stars aligned today for my run.  I woke up to a cool overcast morning and my boys having perfect behavior.  Let me start off by saying I am not a morning person.  I run early in the summer because it is too hot and sunny later in the day.  And while it does feel great to have accomplished my run and be energized for the rest of the day, I would still prefer to sleep in.

So the “great” weather (great running weather, that is) meant that I could enjoy my mandatory two cups of coffee in pjs rather than chugging them while putting on my running clothes.  I really am not a morning person.  Those who know me agree.

My luck continued as we got to the track/playground.  There was a wonderful breeze and kids playing at the playground!  The boys had fun with other kids and I had a great run.  Perspective makes all the difference.  I was energized and happy and ran faster without feeling like I put out extra effort.  I need to remember that the next time I am not so excited about my run.  So much of running (and life) is mental.  A positive attitude changes everything for the better


Guess what?  While I was running my little nephew was born.  It is truly a good day.


The cooler weather also made me think of an upcoming 5K I am running at the end of September.  The weather should be perfect then too.  It part of the Run the Vineyards series – this one in Cape May, New Jersey.  It will be my first vineyard run and I can’t wait. If you want to run it too, here is the link – http://gooddayforarun.com/event/run-the-vineyards-down-the-shore-5k/.

Can’t wait for this one.

image image image

So, I am wondering, do you have any fall races scheduled that you are excited for?

I Want To Be A Blue Man

The boys and I saw The Blue Man Group today and it is official.  I want to be a Blue Man.  I wasn’t entirely convinced I was going to love this show going in.  As soon as we sat down and I started reading the scrolling sign I started laughing.  It is a mixture of common sense “turn your cell phone off” and dry humor – just my style.  I was also relieved to see other kids in the audience.


This show is amazing and like nothing I have ever seen before.  Energizing, interactive, hilarious and with a subtle underlying social commentary.  Without saying any words the Blue Men manage to make you want to be their friend.  We discovered after the show that the boys and I each had a favorite one.  And we did not stop laughing until the show was over.


The Blue Men look for audience participation several times in the show, but, alas, we were not chosen.  The boys were seriously disappointed that they did not get to attend the Twinkie dinner on stage (after asking “Mom, what is a Twinkie?”), but we were quite relieved not to be the human paintbrush!

Some highlights include the entire audience shaking their buns while about 40 different words for butt flashed across the screen onstage.  This was a huge hit with the boys who still fall back on what I call “potty humor” now and then.


The giant glowing beach ball toss was another favorite.  You really got to feel like you were a part of the action.  The boys collected flying confetti like it was their job!  How long until the cats eat it, I wonder?


A very fun time was had by all.  And being a Blue Man may have to go on my bucket list.  That looks like a seriously fun job!

So, I am wondering do your kids use “potty humor”?  Are they boys or girls and what age?



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