Easter and Hot Chocolate…15k


Happy Easter! We hope you had as wonderful of a weekend as we did.

Easter morning


We didn’t have the usual crowd this year – we missed you guys! – but we still had a great day. There were egg hunts, of course…

Cousins at Easter

And also Nerf wars and ball throwing clinics. These boys will steal your heart, they are so sweet.

Nerf boys

Of course we had Easter bread for breakfast. And after breakfast snack. And afternoon snack. 😉


Every year we make Easter bread with my mom the Saturday before Easter. It is a fun, all day tradition that we always look forward to and the bread is amazing. This year the boys took my place since I was at the race. They did a great job and I will be back to bread making next year!

Dane easter bread

Our breads have always been braided, but the boys had the idea to make theirs Easter themed. Dane made a bunny and Aidan made an egg. Kids really make everything even more fun.

Aidan easter bread

While the boys were baking, I was in Philadelphia with the girls from my running club for the Hot Chocolate 15k.

SOL Sisters

I can’t even tell you how much fun it is to race with these girls. We get up super early to drive to the race, then stand around freezing and excited waiting to start. We pretty much laugh the whole time. This race sold out with 15,000 runners, but did a really good job with their corrals. It was a crowded course though! We started in the 3rd or 4th corral and ended up playing leap frog right through to the finish line. I guess we should have moved up a corral or two. This was our view from the starting line.

Hot chocolate starting line

I did not like this course at all at the Philadelphia Rock and Roll half marathon, but I loved it yesterday! I knew where the slanted hills would be this time and did my best to avoid them. The weather was great. A little windy to start and warmer than we have been used to, but overall a great day to run. Here are some views from the course.

Philadelphia hot chocolate race

2015-04-05 20.59.05

You really never know what you will see at a race. This is a first for me! I guess he was going swimming in the river after the race.

Speedo guy

Boathouse row is so pretty on a sunny morning! Too bad on race day it usually coincides with a killer pitched hill leading straight up to the finish line. Definitely the hardest part of this course – but good scenery!

Boathouse row philly

I felt good the entire race, which is pretty amazing considering I am still battling this cold!

Hot chocolate medal

Since it was the day before Easter we collected our bling,


and our chocolate goodies and headed home to finish up Easter stuff.

Post race goodies

This is how tired I was the rest of the day, but it was so worth it.

Post race


Hope you had a great Easter weekend!

Race Day Eve

Yay! I finally made it to my next race!

Lets do this

It feels like forever since I have been at a race with the girls from my running club. Tomorrow will be an exciting, early morning. The swag from this race is the best. Hopefully the race will be as good.


I am so glad the course is not the same as the Rock and Roll Half in Philly. Hopefully this one will be a little more flat. Either way it will be beautiful running along the river. Wish me luck – I am going to need it. I got hit with a pretty bad cold yesterday. :-(

Hot chocolate course-1

Race day is always crazy, so I’ll wish you Happy Easter now!

Easter eggs

Here is some of the chocolate the boys will be getting. I always forget how long it takes to make chocolate. Happy Easter!

Easter candy

A Picture Says A Thousand Words


Happy April Fool’s Day! We started the day off right with breakfast pranks.

April fools breakfast

The boys had a few of their own too… The weather was no joke today! Perfect for the egg hunt at Dane’s Easter party.

Dane egg hunt

And coaching soccer by the lake…


And getting in my last training run by the bay before the Hot Chocolate 15k this weekend. I hope the course is not on the roads that are hilly and slanted at the same time like the Philly Love Run and the Philly Rock and Roll Half. Wish I thought of that before I signed up! The swag was so good I didn’t think about anything else! Plus, I wanted to do this race last year and it was the same day as the April Fools Half.


Expo / packet pickup tomorrow. And soccer shots. And practice with my team. And finishing up Easter stuff. Just another day around here!

April Fool’s Pranks for Kids

April Fool’s Day breakfast is always fun at our house. When the boys were little I put their plastic play food at the table for breakfast and they thought it was hilarious. Since then, April Fool’s is all about breakfast in our house. It’s a fun way to start the day and I get the first prank in before school. 😉 We have done frozen cereal, pudding milk, icing sandwiches. This year on deck are the peach and yogurt egg (except I might use lemon curd for the yolk – we’ll see) and jello juice. (Don’t tell them!)

peach egg prankjello juice

I’ll send in a wormy apple for lunch. Maybe with some extra worms for fun.

gummy worm apple prank

Two holidays in one week is just about all I can take. I have soo much to get done for Easter before my race on Saturday! But it’s all good stuff. This year we found a nighttime egg hunt for older kids. It was the best idea! The kids loved hunting for the eggs at night and no one had to worry about the little kids not getting eggs. We had to bribe them with froyo to leave after their baskets were spilling over with eggs.

Egg hunt

Jeannette and I made time for an awesome run today to decompress a bit after a crazy weekend.

Running buddies

It started with a scrimmage. Check out my awesome soccer team. The Hurricanes are back together and I am so excited for another great season with these boys.


Now that the weather is supposed to be warming up, Nerf Wars are back in session too.

Nerf war-1

Dane and I went bike riding while Aidan was capturing the flag.

Bike riding

I swear I do shower and wash my hair.


The boys caught up with their Scout buddies this weekend to work on the video game pin. We really had to twist their arms for this one….

Video game pin

And guess who got a cell phone? He’s just a little happy about it.

Aidans first phone

My mom and dad had us to dinner tonight. My mom made a delicious salad that I will share the recipe for when I remember to get it from her.

Mexican salad

Thanks guys!

trolley 1

So, I am wondering, what is your favorite April Fool’s prank?

Best Bunny Pancakes Ever

The girls

I’m playing catch up again! Lots going on here, and thankfully that includes spending time with the girls. Today was a crazy soccer day for Eileen and I. Eight classes! It was such a beautiful day outside and we were both pretty happy to be out there.

Soccer shots beach

Eileen has been dreaming a lot lately (out loud!) about when she can get another Volkswagen beetle. It turns out that a lot of us had them before kids and gave them up for our kiddos. It’s pretty funny that all of us plan to get another one as soon as our kids start driving! Here is mine when Aidan was a baby. You should have seen me trying to fit his stroller in the front seat! It’s still the best car ever.

my green vw beetle

Remember when pictures had a date stamp? I guess now it’s digital? We have been really good about getting together to run this week. Monday Jeannette and I ran by the lake.

monday run

Tuesday Eileen and I ran the trail. Which reminds me that Runkeeper and I are having a little spat. Apparently lately she doesn’t like cold or wet weather and will only do about half of her tasks if I force her to run with me in “weather.” Sigh. Good thing Garmin keeps her in check. 😉 Belt and suspenders, baby. C’mon… I know all of you runners use both too.

tuesday run

Do you ever wish you could eat like a kid again? I really do like to eat healthy, but every now and then…

Kid food

I guess you don’t really have to be a kid to make these for Easter breakfast. I saw this posted on Facebook and had to share it. Now let’s see if I remember to make these with all of the “other” Easter stuff going on. I somehow managed to sign up for the Hot Chocolate 15k in Philly the day before Easter. Cross your fingers for me! I need to get this first race post injury thing over with already!

bunny pancakes

Bag Heaven

Today I went to browse in one of my favorite places. I could literally spend hours here.

vera bradley

Vera Bradley bags just make me happy and I knew they would make it feel even more like spring. The Manor House Shops has an entire large room that overflows into the hallway that is dedicated just to Vera Bradley. The boys had a half day today so they came with me. I probably should have thought that one through a bit more. Bag shopping is not their favorite pastime – but they were good sports.


I’m pretty sure I know which one I want…. Maybe. I did get a new bag today though.

soccer shots

It is so much fun coaching the little guys at Soccer Shots. I can’t believe my guys were ever that little anymore! Since it is St. Patrick’s Day I had to wear green for them. I am so glad I did! One little girl (in a green tutu and a green leprechaun hat) called us twins for the whole class. 😉


Today was a big day for my “little” guy. Dane traded in his glasses for contacts. Do you remember the feeling when you first got contacts? His smile was priceless. I love seeing my boys so happy. Life doesn’t give us enough of those moments of pure joy.

new contacts

He was a champ learning how to wear them. And since we were at the mall, I thought I could talk the boys into a picture with the Easter Bunny. Nothing wrong with mixing holidays, right? This is as close as they would get.

easter bunny picture

Hope your day was as good as ours!

Lucky Day

St Patrick's dayHappy St. Patrick’s Day!!!  I love this holiday because it is just fun. Green bagels, St. Patty’s day races, extra luck and it means spring is just around the corner. Did I mention extra luck? Spring really is coming though. The buds are on the trees and spring allergies are here for a bit. This is the exciting site I saw today.

The swollen buds

I’ll take all of the luck I can get with my leg lately. I’m hoping these new kicks do the trick. I have never run in Adidas before, but these Adidas Glide Boost were great for me today. Can you see the difference in the sole? They are not made of traditional EVA rubber, which is known to lose it’s shock absorption capacity at very high and very low temperatures (kind of like the temperatures we have been running in lately.) Instead, “The Boost midsole does not change performance in extreme temperatures, including intense heat and biting cold. While traditional EVA is affected by the weather, a Boost midsole will have the same cushion and response regardless of the temperature outdoors.” Read more about them here.

Adidas boost

When I was trying to figure out how to keep my stress fracture from returning I came across this.


Too bad I didn’t get this memo in January! I can’t even tell you how lucky I felt to be running today.

Running pace

I’m pretty lucky overall, really. I have a great family that I love spending time


And the best friends a girl really could ever ask for!


The Girls sketch

BlurImage(9-2-2015 4-2-25)-1

So it’s a good day to celebrate! Too bad I don’t have these cool shoes to run in today.

St Patrick's day sneakers

Look at these awesome friendship bracelets the girls and I are wearing lately. They are the grown up version of the ones we used to wear. I ordered them on Etsy from P.S. I Handmade It. I love pretty much all of her stuff – check it out.

friendship bracelet

Have fun being Irish today!

lucky day

Try Something New

So… What do you think? Every now and then you have to try something new. It’s not always easy. This theme change took me forever and I am not even sure I like it. But I’m still happy to switch it up a bit. Let me know if you like this theme or my old theme better. This cracked me up. But it is a good point.


We had an awesome lunch at my mom’s and dad’s today. We are still kind of celebrating Valentine’s Day – can you tell? It’s a good holiday to stretch out.

BlurImage(16-2-2015 10-39-54)

You can never have too much chocolate as far as I’m concerned. I proved that to myself this weekend until I finally had to tell myself to stop. Luckily Eileen and I ran 8 miles before the holiday.


Especially since lazy snow days and chocolate really don’t mix well!  Or maybe they do…


It was all BeachBody DVDs for the rest of the weekend. #windmills – “Nailed it!” That is for my sister in law, Ari. 😉  I really am glad to have full body workouts and cross training right in my living room, especially when the weather is bad.


We took the kids to play glow in the dark golf before the snow came. You should go! The kids loved it and we did too.


We made a few other stops while we were there. It wasn’t a beach day, but there are plenty of other things to do in Atlantic City. It’s amazing how much fun a toddler can have eating in a restaurant.


I am often guilty of this…


So, I am wondering, what do you think of this theme?


Vacation is over, but boy did I need it! Or maybe I needed it to be over – I’m not entirely sure. Sometimes the holidays can be a ton of work. We had a great Christmas though – hope you did too!  I’ll get caught up with that post another day. Pretty much as soon as Christmas was done this year I was outside taking down the lights and taking down the tree. Some years are just like that.

It’s a new day now. And look! No boot! :-)


I bet you didn’t know wearing a boot for 6 weeks makes you taller. And faster. (I wish).  Of course I had to start the new year off with a New Year’s Day run. It was so awesome to run with Jeannette again too! I miss running with my girls. As great of a run as it was, it reminded me that my stress fracture is not fully better yet. I’ll be back soon though! A friend posted this today.

Catch up

Quit running?? I can’t even imagine. I’ve gotten distracted from running before (college and kids) and sidelined from injuries. But I wouldn’t say I ever actually quit running since I started when I was about 16. If you are not a runner you should seriously give it a try. For now, it’s still the pool for me. And my Beachbody workouts at home.

I still can’t wait to get back to running. I am getting excited now that it seems like it is not that far away. I ordered these Hoka One One running shoes to get started again. In yellow!

Hoka one

They have double the cushioning material than other running shoes, which absorbs shock and takes the impact away from your legs. They are definitely a maximalist shoe – the opposite of my first love; Brooks pure cadence. But it is what I need now. Runners that have worn them say once you run in Hoka Ones, you won’t want to wear anything else. We’ll see. Jeannette is going to try them with me. :)  You can learn more about them here:

The boys had a fun, relaxing vacation. Here they are on New Year’s Eve. Aidan has his boot  off too. :-)

2015-01-05 22.06.59

And the girls and I finally made time to catch up.

The Girls

The Girls sketch

And guess what I finished? It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you take a break from the craziness!


Now we are back in the swing of things, but we are recharged and refocused. It feels good!

So, I am wondering, did you have a chance to relax over break?


Christmas Caroling 2014

Tonight was our third annual neighborhood Christmas Caroling with the Cub Scouts.

Christmas Caroling 008

This is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. You would be surprised at how happy Christmas caroling makes people. We always let our neighbors know we are coming ahead of time and many of them have cookies and hot chocolate waiting for the boys.

Christmas Caroling 007

We have found that kids and adults get excited to see carolers at their door. This year I learned that one of our neighbors on our route is being treated for cancer and was excited we were coming. I saw him smile tonight when the kids were singing. That really is the spirit of Christmas to me.

Christmas Caroling 1

We wear silly hats and ring bells and sing out of tune (well, except for Lori who sings like a pro) and have a great time. It was a special night.

Christmas Caroling


Sammy’s mischief continues.



The boys actually did a lot of singing today, now that I think about it. They sang Christmas songs at church this morning too.


We had a visitor at the Cub Scout pack meeting. I’m not sure how I feel about this since he gave the boys the wood for their pinewood derby cars as a present. The pinewood derby is a love hate thing for us (for everyone who participates, right?)


Aidan was camera shy this time. Good thing Dane and his friends were ready to show off their hats.


And Dane was very proud to win first place overall at the BB gun target shooting competition. It was ugly sweater night – can you tell?

BlurImage(21-12-2014 9-42-38)

I have decided to start knitting again. I missed it and I didn’t even realize it until I started again. Plus, I saw this amazing yarn.


So, I am wondering, are you ready for Christmas?


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