Catching Up

It’s been a while! Just the normal craziness going on around here.

running friends

The girls and I took advantage of the warm weather with a 5-ish mile run this morning. We got to catch up on all of the stuff we hadn’t talked about in the few hours since we last talked to each other. 😉 Of course we needed a juice after our run. Rehydration.

organic juice

The time change plus the warm weather is really getting the boys and I excited for spring. Maybe it really will come. We got Aidan the right size bike just in case. Dane is up next.

new bike

We’ll just play ping pong while we wait for the snow to melt.

ping pong

Or go bowling with friends.

cub scout bowling

Both boys actually had a good game at the same time!!!!  (I’m sure you can tell from our scores that we are all bowlers! Lol).

best score

Just one bit of bad news for me. I can hardly even believe it, but I am going to try my best not to repeat the mistake I made last time. Now it is even harder for me not to run because I feel like I just got back into it. Plus, it seems like 8 weeks really should have been enough time off of running to heal a stress fracture. So I am going to be optimistic and hope that it is just a minor setback. I can try not to run for the rest of the week, right? :-(

taking a break from running

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  1. hooplah

    Ping pong is an awesome way to pass the time :) Maybe it’ll take the edge of the running hiatus?

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