Catching Up With The Girls

First of all, I want to thank everyone who wore their jeans today.  I saw many of you and others sent me pictures and it means a lot to us.  Thanks!  Of course the boys and I wore ours too.

Jeans Day2

In order to get this picture we decided to learn how to use the timer function on my camera.  You should have seen us!  We just could not seem to get all three of us settled and in the picture at the same time.  We were laughing like crazy and then it was just a lost cause.  But it was fun.

Jeans Day1

I got to catch up with some of my girls last night for wings and Yuenglings.  We missed the few who couldn’t get free, but it was sure nice to hang out and chat with the girls who made it.  I really need to eat wings with friends more often.  My boys are adventurous and like spicy food, but then I have to clean them up at the end of the meal.  LOL 

Girls Night2

I can’t wait for our beach days when we get to see each other more often.  Is everyone dreaming of summer about now?

Girls Night1

The forecast for this weekend is very cold – followed by more cold and possibly a lot of snow.  What a surprise.  We have a fun weekend planned anyway so we will just ignore the weather.  Both boys have their last basketball games of the season tomorrow and Aidan has baseball practice (really??  It’s going to be 20 degrees if we are lucky!).  Of course there is a conflict in timing.  Then we will have dinner with friends.  I am so excited for Sunday because I am taking the boys into the city to see a show and hit some fun spots they have not been to yet.  Let’s hope the snow holds off until Sunday night.  The kids won’t mind another delayed opening…

So, I am wondering, do you talk about your kids when you are out with friends?


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