Cali Recap

We are fondly remembering our trip to California these days.  It was so great to visit with family.  (OK – maybe Fezzy is happier to be home).

Easter Bread and Morning 013

I got to run in new places.

Easter Bread and Morning 029

Can you imagine??  I bet I could beat this guy in a race, at least!

Rose bowl run1

Here are two Nautilus for all of my Ocean Acres friends.  I have only seen the shell before.  They look ancient to me.

Easter Bread and Morning 036

The sea stars were pretty cool too, although I still like ours better.  And the cool black ones we saw in Hawaii.

Easter Bread and Morning 033


These will brighten your day.

Easter Bread and Morning 048

The boys had a blast swimming in the pool.  They invented a new lemon catching game using the lemons from the tree and the skimmers.  Only boys…

raft collage

And they finally were brave enough to jump off the diving board!

dive collage

My little nephew is getting so big.  The boys would love to see him everyday.


We are looking forward to our next adventure with these guys.

Easter Bread and Morning 052

So, I am wondering, do you have relatives that live far away?  How often do you get to visit them?


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