Cali Fun

The boys have been having such a great time visiting with family this week.  One of their favorite places to go when we are here are the La Brea Tar Pits.  They love the idea of digging and finding something that is really old.  It’s also really stinky, which they think is so funny.

La Brea1

They still have active excavation sites here and we were able to take a tour and see some of the fossils.

la Brea2

I am enjoying running my Arcadia route again.  The views are beautiful and I managed to find 8 flat miles!

Arcadia Run

Pool time at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s is always a hit with the boys.  Dane has decided to take up diving while we are here.

pool J&L

There are so many boys in this family!  Aidan and Dane love the craziness of it.  Their cousin is the star of the show though.  They love watching him walk and try to talk and show them all of his toys.  We wish they lived closer!



Their Aunt and Uncle’s dog is just a little bit bigger than Fezzy…

Dane Dana

So, I am wondering,what kind of dog do you have?


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