Breaking Down Walls

“Just seize every opportunity you have, embrace every experience. Make a mark, for all the right reasons.”   Chrissie Wellington.

Today was a runner’s dream.  Well this runner’s dream, anyway.  It was foggy, in the upper 50’s, and still pre-season on the island.  That means no crowds, no hot sun and no red lights.  Perfect.  So I decided to run farther than I have run before.  Until today, the longest I have run is 13 miles.  Not anymore! :)


Every once in a while you have to prove to yourself that your limits are not where you think they are.  Plus, my next half marathon is coming up and I have to run 13 miles before a half or I risk hitting a wall at mile 10 on race day.  Along the way I passed a couple of water towers…

water towers

There are so many little towns on the island that sometimes the water towers are the best way to know which one you are in.  Eileen ran the first 6 miles with me, which made the time go so much faster.  I also passed a couple of friends along the way – I love that.

Running on the island has me dreaming of lazy summer beach days with friends.  I can’t wait!  It is the one place where the moms have as much fun as the kids.  I’m all set.  Bathing suit came in the mail (catalog shopping is the best – thanks Athleta!) and I finally got my beach badge.

beach badge

Soon this will be us again.

beach collage summer

One last thing.  It is so great to come home and have someone excited to see you – every time!


So, I am wondering, is there a goal you are trying to reach?



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