Bravery – The quality that allows someone to do something that is perceived to be dangerous or frightening.  Bravery is closely related to courage.  Courage – The ability to face a difficult situation without fear.


Bravery is an interesting character quality because it can mean something different to everyone.  I know many brave people.  Runners who take on difficult races.  Friends and family that set and attain high educational and career goals.  Moms and dads who raise strong, confident kids.  I bet you know many brave people too.


But the bravest people I know are those who live with a disability.  They wake up every morning with the knowledge that they will need to work harder than their peers to achieve a similar outcome.  But they get up anyway.  And they go to school and to work anyway.  And they try their best.  They know they may have to deal with other people’s bad manners in addition to overcoming their personal challenges – and they do it anyway.  They often have to face medical challenges that their peers do not.  Tests, illnesses, medicines and surgeries.  And they do this too.

dont judge

And amazingly, in spite of all of this, they smile.  They are thankful for small victories that their peers may overlook.  Their hardship has taught them to be grateful.  And they succeed, because often they are capable of more than they are given credit for.

The next time a person with a disability crosses your path, do not look down on him or her.  It is likely that he or she is stronger and braver than we could ever hope to be.


So, I am wondering, do you know a strong person with a disability?


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