Blown Glass

Our Hot Sand glass projects are here!  We are very excited about how they turned out.  When we originally made them, the color was not vivid because the glass was still so hot.  Look at how they turned out!  This is Aidan’s egg.  It reminds me a bit of the ocean.

eggDane’s paperweight is so detailed.  You see something different from every angle.  This is the top:

pw2One side:

pw3And the other side:

pw1I love my bowl too.  It is so feminine and my Energy Muse bracelets look so pretty in it!

bowlGuess who we just could not leave behind this time?  Our snowman!  Or as the glassblower pointed out, snowperson (Well Hot Sand is in Asbury Park.  These things may be more relevant there!).

snowmanToday was another busy day.  We started out Scouting for Food.  This is an event that our Cub Scout Pack does every year to collect food for our local food pantries in time for the holidays.  We place bags on the doorsteps of houses in our neighborhood with instructions on filling them if the neighbor would like to participate.  A week later we drive around the neighborhood and pick up the bags that have been left filled with food.  Then we take the food to the food pantries.

We are so proud to participate in this event, and I must admit that the kids loving running from house to house.  (Reminiscent of their Halloween adventures.  I swear it is not the candy they go for).  It was beautiful out today too.

SFF1We had a good friend’s birthday party today as well as 2 Scout meetings!  It was a busy day, but a good one.  The boys managed to squeeze in “Balloon Wars” while we were home.  Thanks for the balloons Eileen!  😉

balloon war1crop

balloonwars2cropSo, I am wondering, do your kids have a later bedtime on weekends?


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