Birthday Fun

Whew!  Operation Birthday was a success.  The birthday boy even thanked me for such a fun party (in my experience, 8 year olds do not always think to do this)!  The weekend included…

Dane Cupcake

A Nerf gun shoot out party with 20 of his closest friends.  He wanted to invite more, but the location could not fit more kids in the party (cake) room.


As you might imagine, the boys loved it.


There were Plants vs. Creepers themed cupcakes, toys and party gear.

Cupcakes all

And of course there were too many presents!  Well, according to me, not the boys.


We saw Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 on the big day.  (It was really cute).

Cloudy Movie

And we had a great time with family.


Nana Popop



Breakfast Cupcake

Happy Birthday my guy!

Danes Birthday 2

So, I am wondering, what did you do this weekend?


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