Beach Running

beach run selfie

This morning the girls and I got up early to run on the beach.  Anyone who knows me already knows this was not my idea!  Well, the getting up early part.  I do love running at the beach.  But Jeannette and Jen have done this crazy workout of running up and down the dunes until you can barely stand before and were up for doing it again.  So, of course Eileen, Deirdre and I had to join them.  The beach in the morning is just so beautiful and peaceful.  How can you turn this down, even if it is a day you could have slept late?

sunrise beach run

Plus, we always have fun together.  Today we might have been talking a bit less though!  Running on the dunes is no joke.  We ended up getting in 3.5 miles.

dune collage

It was a great workout, but I decided I needed to really run afterwards.  I went for a quick 5k and it felt so easy to run on the road after being on the sand!  Next time I have a race I should run in the sand for a bit first!  LOL!

fastest pace

We spent the afternoon at my parent’s house.  We decided it was perfectly ok to have ice cream for dinner.  It is a holiday after, all!  Yes, that is 5 half gallons of ice cream!  (There is one behind the Hershey’s syrup).  Aidan and I had to fight it out over the chocolate peanut butter.  😉  In all fairness, we had a wonderful lunch of grilled steaks and veggies first.

ice cream dinner

So, I am wondering, have you ever eaten an entire pint of ice cream by yourself?  (guilty!)


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