Basketball and Birthday Party Prep

It’s Saturday, which means all day basketball in our house.  Dane had an early game, as usual.  I cannot figure out why getting up at 7am on Saturday feels so much earlier than getting up at 6:15 during the week, but it does!  It was worth it though.  Dane and his team played a great game and came away with a win.

bball 001 D bball

Then we were off to Aidan’s game, which was very exciting today.  Our team played so well and Aidan can officially say he won his first game as a 10 year old.

bball 011 bball 021

I managed to get ready for Aidan’s birthday party between games.  The goody bags are filled…


And the cookies are made.

HB cookies cookies smile cookies

As you can see (well see half of it anyway), we solved Aidan’s birthday dessert dilemma with a combination of a Clumsy Ninja ice cream cake from Carvel and chocolate covered oreos.  I hope he has fun tomorrow!

So, I am wondering, at what age do kids usually stop having birthday parties?

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  1. Anonymous

    Christian had so much fun hosting and attending birthday parties. However, mommy is trying to bribe him with other ways to celebrate.

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