Back In The Swing Of Things

Today was the first day of school and we are getting back in the swing of things.


The checklists and schedules are hung, the backpacks in use and I can get serious again about my running schedule.  This morning I had my gear set and was ready to go the minute the boys went to school.  I was going to run 10 miles today – for good measure and to get back into the swing of things myself.  Of course all the little things that needed to be taken care of were calling me after the boys left and I got a late start.  I finally got outside and my Garmin was “lost” again.  I will never understand this phenomenon.  Does this happen to everyone or just me?  My Garmin can take 10 plus minutes to find a location in my front yard!  Really?!  It has been at this location a million times!


Anyway, it was a beautiful day to run – not too hot, cool breeze, and actual time with no other commitments.  I managed to get 8 miles in before the half school day was over, and it felt great.  I have to admit though, after two busy nights with not much sleep I am REALLY tired now.  Possibly poor fueling, but I think a lack of sleep is the real answer.  The good news is that I should sleep great tonight!


The other good news is that pumpkin spice K-cups are back.  : )  Sleep substitute for now.

pumpkin spice

So, I am wondering, does your Garmin take forever to find a location?

I am also wondering, what did you do on your kids first day back to school?


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