Argos Farm

The boys and I finally went pumpkin picking!  We spent a wonderful afternoon having all kinds of “farm country fun” with friends at Argos Farm.  There was so much more to do there than I originally expected.  For less than $10 a person, this will now be our “go to” farm for fall.


The boys started out in the corn maze with my very good friend.  Thank you Sandy!  I stay away from corn mazes after getting stuck in one once!

Boys corn maze

They found a whole fuzzy caterpillar family in there.  They would have loved to add them to our pet family!  Luckily we have a rule – nothing that is alive or used to be alive (think crab shells from the beach…stinky!) is allowed as a souvenir.  The corn maze is shaped like the state of New Jersey this year and says Restore the Shore.  Pretty neat.  How do they do that?

maze-2013  argos-farm-maze-aerial-2013

It was a beautiful day so I didn’t mind taking in the scenery while they were in there.  I ran into some old friends too.  : )

Corn maze

Next the boys all wanted to go on the jumbo jumper air pillow.  I have never seen anything like it.  It looked like a giant inflated pool cover.  The kids could not get enough of it.

Bounce 7So they went on it again…

Bounce 4And again…

Bounce 5It was definitely a hit.  The hay mountain was next.  I am not a fan of heights, to say the least.  When the kids started climbing this thing I almost had heart failure.  But, to my surprise, no one fell off of it the entire time we were there.  I guess it is safer than my height issues let me believe.  Of course the kids loved this too.

Hay My A middle

Hay Dane2  Hay Mt A top

Everyone was a bit tired at this point, so we took a break to eat from the grill.  The food was good and they make their own kettle corn.  It was fun to watch and quite yummy!  Then the kids relaxed a bit in the corn pit.

corn pit 1

Believe it or not, there was still more fun to be had and the kids were going to be sure we did everything!  The big hay slide was another ride the kids went on over and over.  The smiles on their faces say it all.


Slide 3

By the way, will your kids smile for a picture with you?  I am not always so lucky.

Slide m&ASandy has better luck.


Next was the corn cannon.  The boys were talking about this before we even arrived at the farm.  It is essentially an air compressor attached to a pipe.  A corn cob is loaded into the pipe and with the push of a button, the boys got to “shoot” the corn cob at a target.  Make sure you bring money if you want to do this.  It is the one thing that costs extra.  It is 50 cents a shot.

Corn cannonD

Corn cannonAThe pig races were starting when we finished shooting corn cobs.  Who knew racing tiny pigs could be so cute!  And you know I like races!

Pig RacesThe tired kids were now finally ready to pick pumpkins and go.  It was a great day.  If you get a chance, definitely head over to Argos Farm for your fall fun.

Pumpkins group

Pumpkins A  Pumpkins D

So, I am wondering, do you go to a farm to pick pumpkins in the fall?


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  1. Sandy Apgar

    Such a fun day! Argos is a great place. I am so glad someone told me about them last year!!! Lucas only smiled because you were taking the picture. My boys run when they see mom with a camera.

    1. (Post author)

      It was fun. I love the pic of your little guy and my big one. They are so cute together!

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