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Today I went to the Orthopedist that was recommended to me by my running friends.  Since I had a gut feeling about the problem and the ultimate answer, I made sure to ask around for the sports medicine doc that allowed my injured comrades to continue to run through the healing process.  Unfortunately, I did not get the same answer as they did.  :(

It turns out that I have non-insertional Achilles tendinosis.  Essentially an overuse injury that causes the fibers of your tendon to tear.  The doc told me the only real cure is to stay off of it for 4 weeks!  When I told him I chose him because he was supposed to be the doctor who would tell me I could continue to run, he offered me a compression “sock” with padding over the tendon.  He said he is not telling me I can’t run.  But I should not waste my time taking one or two weeks off and expect it to be better.  It’s an all or nothing deal in his opinion.  So maybe I will only do 3 miles tomorrow since I don’t have the brace yet.  This is not my heel, but it is essentially what mine looks like.


I feel slightly better now that I have researched this a bit.  It appears that this injury is particularly seen in runners who “do a lot of fast training and uphill running.”  Does that mean I can call myself fast now?  LOL.  It is not bad enough for me to stop running yet.  In fact, it often feels better when I am running.  And I did find some exercises online that I will try.  Has anyone had this injury before and want to offer me some advice?  I would love to hear real experiences right now.

On the knitting front:  I am making my mom a beautiful shawl for Christmas.  I wanted to surprise her, but I see her too often with my knitting for that.  This is what it will look like when it is done:

ShawlTime constraints probably mean it will be a while before I can show you a finished version.  As of now though, I am happy with how it is turning out.  The ruffle is added last on this pattern.



If you want to make this shawl, you can find the pattern here  It is listed as an intermediate pattern, but once you get the hang of the repeat it is not bad at all.

So, I am wondering, have you run through an injury?  Did you regret it?

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  1. Jersea Runner Girl

    Sorry the doc didn’t really tell you what you wanted to hear from him! Yes, I did run through my toe injury…more than I should have and I do kind of regret it. I think if I had gone to the doc sooner and rested earlier on and for longer, I wouldn’t have been in so much pain in Philly and would have been more prepared. Good luck to you!

    1. (Post author)

      Thanks for your feedback Jersea Runner Girl. I am giving thought to actually resting it, as much as it is killing me! I hope your toe is better now.

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