A Seagull Ate My Lunch!

We are settling into summer vacation quite nicely!  Today the boys and I met Gina and Eileen at “our” beach, which has been our standard summer plans for the last 5 years!  The kids jumped right back into beach fun and even talked us into “Arctic Al” – the favorite beach ice cream man.  Thanks girls for that one!  I owe you!  Here are the kids on their boogie boards.  We did not even pose them for this shot.

photo 1


Of course I brought a bar for lunch!  The girls and I were watching the kids and chatting when something happened that hasn’t happened to me in like 15 years.  A seagull came from behind me and stole my bar right out of my hand!  The kids thought it was hysterical.  See – even the seagulls like my protein bars!  I can tell you they did not try to steal Eileen and Gina’s yogurts. 😉  Too bad I got this terrible injury in the process.

photo 3

I guess I will live.  I was forced to eat chips for lunch though.  But guess what?  I did not have any diet (or regular) soda today!  This was tough because a soda is really good to wake you up after the beach.  So I am doing well so far staying away from soda and artificial sweeteners.  How about you?  By the way, sucrose is not an artificial sweetener!  (You know who I am talking to. ; ) )

Today was my hardest yoga class so far.  Since I will have this instructor all summer I am either going to get strong quickly or die trying.  I was warned that she is tough, but I was not expecting it to be as hard as it was.  Plus, she likes the room EXTRA HOT!  Wish me luck.

So, I am wondering,what leave in conditioner do you use in your hair at the beach?


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