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This morning I got a very exciting email from a new friend/blog follower.  Neile is a mom of an 8 year old boy who is having a Minecraft birthday party.  Remember when Aidan had a Minecraft birthday party and I made perler bead Minecraft toys for it?  Neile (who lives in Switzerland – how cool!)  found my instructions and expanded on them.  Look at what she made!  They came out so awesome!  She made the whole crew!  I hope your son has a great time at his party Neile!

Neile's Minecraft Guys1

I went back to hot yoga this morning after a week off.  I was so glad to be back, but it was no joke.  Believe it or not, yoga is a great workout, especially for someone who only runs.  I finally got to use my new hot yoga mat too.  If you are looking for a yoga mat for hot yoga, this one might be it.  I did not slip at all on it and I ALWAYS slip on the regular yoga mats.  When I got home I threw it in the washing machine and the dryer and it looks like new again.  The only downside is that it does not have that much cushion to it.  It is more than a yoga towel, but less than a regular mat.


It is crunch time to get everything done before the kids are home and that includes spending time with friends.  Loren and I met at Manhattan Bagel to catch up this afternoon.  This restaurant is in for a surprise when we bring all of the kids with us this summer!

Manhattan Kind of like we did at dinner tonight!  The kids are all a bit sad about the school year ending (no, they will never admit to this, but their moms know!), so we decided to give them a summer preview.  At least McDonalds doesn’t mind if we hang out for a couple of hours!


These boys have been friends forever now.  Here are the three “junior Scouts” – not so junior anymore!


Here is my Aidan showing me his current favorite game “Clash of Clans.”  He had his class party today and they signed shirts instead of yearbooks.

A iPad COC

The girls and I are off to the beach tomorrow!  It is the last full day of school…  But first, one more long run.

here are some

So, I am wondering, what is your favorite beach?


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