50 Empty Boxes

50 empty boxes on the floor, 50 empty boxes.  You take one outside, paint it green, 49 empty boxes on the floor…

Boxes 1

What am I doing with 50 empty 12×12 boxes?  Making Minecraft puzzles for camping, of course!  What started out as 2 large piles of flat boxes will end up being a giant creeper face puzzle and a giant skeleton face puzzle.  The creeper face boxes have been painted green, mint green, gray and black and are now complete.  This is what the kids will initially see:

Boxes 2

The challenge is for each group to make these boxes look like this:

Creeper Puzzle

I hope they have fun with it.  Tomorrow I will finish the Minecraft skeleton face boxes.

While working on this project I realized I didn’t really mind painting the boxes.  It was a beautiful day outside – warm with a nice breeze.  The birds were chirping in the tree overhead.  It almost felt relaxing.  Well, other than having to get them all painted in time for the trip.  But I realized that my favorite activities involve repetition.  Painting is essentially doing the same thing over and over.  Running and knitting are too.  I guess repetition is relaxing for me.

I had to take a day off of running.  My Achilles is killing me.  Partially an old injury and partially these damn boxes.  I scheduled a long run on the trail with a great friend of mine for Friday though.  That should be enough time to rest and it will give me something to look forward to.  Nice soft, flat ground in the shade and catching up with a friend.  Perfect!

So, I am wondering, do you paint or do you hire a painter?

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  1. Angela

    Looks AWESOME!!! Can’t wait!!

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