2014 – New Races!

2013 was my first official race year.  I have always run, but I didn’t really run races before this year.  Now I have no idea why I didn’t!  Races motivate and inform my training.  They give me something to look forward to.  Of course, I have a great running club full of inspirational and motivational women to run and race with.  I have mentioned that I am pretty lucky, right?  Also, as an adult I find there are not too many opportunities to be truly recognized for your efforts.  In races you are always recognized – whether it is with a finisher medal, a place medal, a PR or even just knowing your official time.  When you finish a race you always feel accomplished.  It was hard for me to take my race schedule down today, but I am slightly appeased by the fact that I will replace it with a new one!

2013 races all

Runners love race bling.  It is the tangible and lasting pat on the back we are probably all (runners and non runners alike) overdue!

medal holder 10 2013

It is officially time to start my 2014 race calendar.  I have signed up for my first race, and it is one I am really excited about!  The Central Park Half Marathon!


I love the city and am so excited for the opportunity to race in the park.  A bunch of girls from my running club have signed up and we will be celebrating Kelley’s birthday while there.  It is sure to be a great time.  This is also the first half marathon that I actually planned to run in advance!  The other two were a result of circumstance.  So this will be the first race entered on my new calendar.  Maybe I should get a real calendar this year?  We’ll see.

I did get a training calendar.  I got it before I signed up for this race, so I am not sure I will be able to squeeze it in for this one.  Next half, I guess.

run the edge

run the edge1

I’m looking forward to a great running year.  I hope you are too!

So, I am wondering, do you have any fitness goals for the new year?


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