2,010 Feet

A little over two hours after I started, I ran up the steepest hill I have seen in my running career and pushed myself to go faster and pass under the tall black rectangular finish line.  I had pursued this end with singular focus for the last three uphill and heavily slanted miles and now was having trouble getting my legs to stop moving.  I had smiled for the final camera man sitting on top of the finish line, but the truth was that last hill was a fight.  This picture is of the finish line and the overall winner of the race – Stanley Biwott.  You can see the incline a bit here, but most of it is just past that turn and to the right.

RnR Run Finish

I am not one to just stop after a race.  I need to walk it off a bit.  So I passed the volunteers handing out finisher medals in a bit of a fog and in search of Gatorade.  Soon, however, the excitement set in for me and I claimed my medal.  : )

RnR Medal

Of course I had stopped my Garmin and my Runkeeper after crossing the finish line.  So while looking for a cold drink I decided to check my stats.  This race was not a speed PR for me for a half marathon.  So I was surprised to see my Runkeeper announcing a new personal record.  As it turns out, it was for elevation climbed!  MY FAVORITE!  2,010 feet.  Well that explains a lot.

RnR Run1  RnR Run 0  RnR Run6

So, I am wondering, have you ever run a race with an uphill finish?  How did you feel about it?


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