2 Weeks of Summer

It’s that time!  The two weeks of mom’s summer!  My friends and I wait for this time all year – when we can go to the beach and hang out with our friends like we did before kids.  No gear and nothing to worry about except relaxing and enjoying hanging out.  Remember those days?  Today we did exactly that.  Here are my girls and I at our favorite spot.

girls beach 1

By the way girls – everyone would have been happy with the full picture!  Deirdre came after the kindergarten show.

beach selfie 1

We are so lucky to live here.


Eileen and I ran first on the island, which made it a very fun morning!  Tara, Jeannette and Melissa – we missed you girls.  Next week.  But Jeannette had us all cracking up when she woke up to 102 text messages from the night before!  LOL!

Guess who has joined the rest of the family in wearing glasses?

dane glasses

You know he really needed them because he is excited to wear them and be able to see!  Here are his sport glasses.

dane sport

My smart, handsome boys!

glasses collage

I cut my hair yesterday – finally.  It feels so short!


We have a really fun weekend ahead.  I hope you have a great one too!

run life

So, I am wondering, what do you with your “free” time without kids?




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