18 Miles

We had a great end to a busy week today.  The boys brought home 100%s on tests and I finished my longest run.


It started with a last review of the boys’ spelling words and math concepts and a UCan. I think I am getting used to these.


Today I ran as close to race conditions as I could.  Same time, same distance, some of the course.  There was a 15mph wind blowing in my face for the first half and it shows.  LOL.  That’s ok though because it will probably happen on race day too.  My goal today was just to finish.



I’m very relieved that is over!  I was so stiff the minute I stopped running, so I took an ice bath when I got home.  Yikes!  That was tough.  But guess what?  It worked.  No more stiffness or soreness at all.  I will definitely do that again.  And I hit over 30,000 steps before 5pm!


We are on to a fun weekend where I will actually get to spend time with the boys again!  :)

So, I am wondering, have you ever taken an ice bath?


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