You can’t give 100% one hundred percent of the time. Or you will break. That is good advice given by my yoga instructor this morning. We all need to take time to relax and recharge so we can be our best when we need to be. The girls and I decided to take her advice and got a little girl time in this afternoon.

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I’m so glad we did because this weekend’s schedule is already making my head spin. The weekend before Halloween is filled with trunk or treat events that the boys will love. Here are Aidan and I at one from last year.


We will also be playing two soccer games (Go Hurricanes!) and going to a Halloween party! (I hope I remember those pumpkins!)

This weekend is also the Perfect 10 Miler race – the last race I am signed up for in October. This is an all female race designed to promote healthy body image and encourage girls and women to love themselves for who they are. My running club runs this race as a team and it is so much fun. Here are a few of us from last year’s race.


This year they have added a 5k option as well as the 10 mile race. The boys and I will be there to support all of my girls running, and there is a pretty good chance I will drop down to the 5k. We’ll see. I know, I know… So add packet pick-up on Saturday and a race on Sunday to our weekend schedule. I am pretty excited for this since I have missed all of my other races. I will have to keep this in mind if I run:


Fall race season continues and we are getting everything together for my running club’s fall 5k – 1 mile kids run, the Gobble Wobble.  This race is Thanksgiving morning and a great way to burn off some calories before Thanksgiving dinner. And dessert.


It will be a busy weekend, for sure, but I know we will have a great time. Now I have to go so the tooth fairy can make another visit to our house.

So, I am wondering, do you prefer trick or treating in neighborhoods or trunk or treat events?


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